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Clear + Brilliant

The London Dermatology Centre is delighted to offer Clear + Brilliant - a laser treatment which helps prevent signs of ageing and works to reduce open pores.


The Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser treatment; whether you would like to prevent signs of skin aging, rejuvenate and have a fresher look or tackle open pores - this could be a great treatment for you with little down time.


The Clear + Brilliant treatment is carried out by one of our highly trained specialists. During your initial consultation the specialist will discuss with you a personalised treatment plan. The recommended treatment required is normally 4-6 sessions, however this may differ with each patient.


   - Each Clear + Brilliant treatment will take 20-30 minutes carried out by one of our experienced specialists.
   - There is nothing you need to in advance to prepare for the treatment however local anaesthetic will be applied       thirty minutes beforehand.
   - During the treatment you may feel a slight warm sensation.
   - After the treatment there will be redness on the treated areas - this will begin to subside within a few hours,       lasting up to 48 hours.





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If you would like to discuss the Clear + Brilliant treatment further please books a CONSULTATION with one of our aesthetic specialists


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