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Patient Testimonials

Paul Quintanilla

“I am pleased to say that all is healed and I am back to normality. I know that this would never have been possible were it not for your treatment, kindness and generosity that I received; both from yourself and from The London Dermatology Centre. The way you dealt with me was at all times highly professional and from your wealth of knowledge.”

Leda Douglas
Condition: Acne

“It has now been almost a month since I finished my prescription, and I have to say it has worked amazingly! I have no more spots, and for the first time, I have good skin. Although I understand acne it not the worst skin condition out there, it was still very upsetting for me. So I felt it only right to thank you for providing me with a skin treatment that actually worked!”

Dr Glen Reynolds
Condition: Large wart on chin
Treatment: Removal and cauterisation

“Delighted with the treatment I received. I was extremely concerned that I would be left with a nasty scar after removal of a facial wart – but after only a few weeks no trace of the surgery was visible. Remarkable and money very well spent!”

Kevin Power
Condition: Red spots and rough scaly spots on face

“Very professional environment. Happy with service and open attitude of the doctor.”

Dawn O’Connor
Condition: Melasma

“Dr Chopra has been wonderful during the course of my treatments. His determination, care and knowledge along with his positive approach have helped my condition and improved my confidence.”

Rohan Ramkissoon

“I wasn't sure that I would be able to find a lasting cure for my acne kelotis. Fortunately, after seeing other people being treated by Dr Chopra it was my only option to come to the London Dermatology Centre. Thank you with endless gratitude.”

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