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Plexr is a revolutionary and patented innovation in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery. It offers the patient an alternative approach to procedures that were, until now, highly invasive due to pre- and post-operative complications such as anaesthesia, surgical resection, sutures and post-operative recovery in hospital.

Plexer uses the fourth state of matter: Plasma. The principle is to ionise gases in the air to create a small electrical arc, similar to a tiny lightning bolt, with which various cosmetic problems from sagging eyelids to skin lesions can be treated.

Plexr FAQ’s

What is Plexr?

Plexr by Fusion GT is an innovative soft surgery treatment that can be used to perform minor surgical procedures and cosmetic procedures without the need for surgery involving scalpels and anaesthesia.

How does Plexr work?

Plexr works by producing controlled plasma energy via a small probe which is held gently against your skin. It works by removing targeted skin cells with heat and stimulating skin renewal by making tiny penetrations in your skin which cause the skin to tighten and produce new collagen as it heals.

What can Plexr treat?

Plexr can be used for a wide range of soft surgery:

  • Blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery)
  • Face and body lifting
  • Navel lifting
  • Ace treatment
  • Removal of skin lesions such as verrucas, cheloids, xanthelasma etc.
  • Correction of scars
  • Stretch marks

Can Plexr be used with all skin types?

Yes, Plexr can be used with all skin types.

Can Plexr be used with other procedures?

Plexr would normally be carried out as a stand alone treatment.

How much does Plexr cost?

The cost of your treatment will depend on the area to be treated. As a rough guide, you can find our full treatment and price list here. We will always give you an itemised breakdown of your treatment plan so that you can be confident that there are no hidden costs.

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