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Dermal Fillers Treatment Cambridge

Dermal Fillers Treatment Cambridge

Millions of dermal filler treatments are performed worldwide each year, and now this treatment is available to you in the heart of Cambridge by leading aesthetic practitioners from The London Dermatology Centre (Cambridge) clinic. Dermal fillers, known by many as face and lip fillers are substances injected into your face, beneath the surface of the skin. They fill lines and wrinkles and also add volume to desired areas such as lips. Dermal fillers are also minimally invasive (not involving surgery) so this is an ideal treatment for those who want a lower maintenance treatment.

Various internal bodily processes are responsible for the external visibility of ageing. Over time skin loses its volume as the amount of collagen- the most prominent protein in the human body diminishes. Collagen is responsible for skin elasticity and structure. Dermal fillers can help with static wrinkles formed by loss of skin elasticity after collagen decline. Additionally, thinnings of the areas such as cheeks, lips and around the mouth occur due to ageing, partly due to the loss of subcutaneous (under the skin) fat. Therefore, facial muscles work closer to the skin surface and facial lines appear more defined and noticeable. This is a perfectly normal part of the ageing process, but these lines and wrinkles can be unwelcome and cause a lack of confidence in individuals. Dermal fillers can help temporarily replenish the areas affected by the loss of volume. Sun exposure, lifestyle and our intrinsic genetics are also factors that affect our facial skin.

Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance already present in the skin, found in some fluids and tissues in the body. It keeps the skin tissues hydrated and firm. Over time, the hyaluronic acid in our skin slowly depletes and its production decreases. Hyaluronic acid has been isolated by scientists and processed into a gel formulation. When the gel is injected, it acts as a cushion to provide support to facial structures and tissues that may have lost volume or elasticity due to ageing. Hyaluronic acid binds water molecules and therefore encourages these water molecules to be brought to the skin’s surface keeping it hydrated. Consequently, dermal fillers restore a naturally plump and fresh appearance. Hyaluronic acid has replaced older collagen-based products as it has a shorter period of recovery, better results and considerably fewer adverse reactions.

The Cambridge Clinic stocks several varieties of dermal fillers, which can have various functions depending on the type used. We also stock an alternate form of dermal filler that contains a substance called agarose instead of hyaluronic acid. Your aesthetic practitioner at the Cambridge clinic will be able to advise you on the product best suited to your needs, skin type, and individual expectations. Dermal fillers have a vast scope of use by patients. Non-surgical lip augmentation is one of the most popular uses for dermal fillers. They are also frequently used to reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles. It is even possible to use fillers to reshape the nose in the non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure.

Which Areas Can Be Treated With Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers can help reduce and improve

  • Nose to mouth grooves (lines) and mouth to chin grooves
  • Forehead lines
  • Frown furrows
  • Glabellar area (between the eyebrows)
  • Lip Enhancement and shaping
  • Cheeks - the appearance of cheekbone definition
  • Marionette lines (lines that occur around the mouth)
  • Recessed/atrophic (indented) scars e.g scars caused by acne or injuries

Dermal Fillers for a Youthful Appearance

One of the dermal filler ranges we use is a Swiss brand of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, designed specifically to fill, lift and rehydrate the skin. The products we stock at the Cambridge clinic cover a comprehensive range of dermal fillers consisting of differing gel densities with unique properties, resulting in skin-specific products. Achieving results from lifting and rehydrating the skin to the prevention of wrinkles. The dermal filler has been created as a high purity product- the acquired gel preserves the natural characteristics of the hyaluronic acid which is naturally abundant in the skin. As a result, youthful volume can be restored, regaining balance and harmony to facial features.

Dermal Fillers for Radiance- Light Filling

The Light filling treatment we offer is a medical-grade treatment between filling injections and mesotherapy, which redensifies the skin in its deep layers and restores its ability to reflect light. Therefore, resulting in skin appearing more radiant, by nourishing and hydrating the skin from within. The treatment involves microinjections of hyaluronic acid and dermal-restructuring complex over the area. It contains a select combination of amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Three light filling sessions at 3-week intervals are recommended for optimal cutaneous redensification. Results are immediate with cumulative results presenting after 3 months. Light filling treatment entails the benefit of being corrective as well as preventative. Furthermore, it is suitable for persons from any age group who have noticed signs of ageing such as the development of dull skin tone, lines or a generally tired appearance. The treatment is also safe and painless.

Dermal Fillers for Eyes

The dermal fillers we offer for eyes is an injectable gel designed specifically to treat eye circles for a natural and long-lasting correction. It contains a combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and amino acids to replenish depleted volume and rejuvenate the skin. This product has been Formulated to treat hollowing around the eye which can make eyes look tired. The treatment reconditions the skin and softens fine lines. The light-reflecting ability of the product can improve the look of dark circles and freshen the entire eye area. This treatment is optimally suited for the thin and sensitive skin around the eyes. It is a less heavy product, ideal for younger patients who do not necessarily have severe tear troughs but still desire the reduction of dark circles under the eyes. Immediate results produce a less tired, more refreshed appearance.

Alternative to Hyaluronic Acid

The Cambridge clinic also stocks another range of dermal filler made from purified agarose, a natural derivative of seaweed. Unlike the hyaluronic acid-based fillers, this filler does not attract water. Patients may opt for this dermal filler as it results in less bruising following the treatment due to its formulation. If you are interested in an alternative option to hyaluronic acid as your dermal filler base, this can be discussed with your aesthetic practitioner.

Treatment and Aftercare

Following a full consultation at the Cambridge clinic regarding your dermal filler needs, your doctor will apply a topical or local anaesthetic and perform a series of skin injections, using a small needle, into the treatment area. Your trained aesthetic practitioner will guide you through the entire process and obtain your written consent. Each treatment session will last approximately 30 minutes and the treatment should be repeated every 6 to 9 months. Dermal fillers are temporary, usually lasting between 6 to 18 months.

The treatment is not painful but you may feel slight discomfort during the process. Dermal fillers work best in combination with other rejuvenating treatments such as IPL and microdermabrasion and your aesthetic practitioner at the Cambridge clinic can advise as to which would work best for your unique skin and circumstances. The cost of the dermal fillers will vary between the area being treated and the type of filler used. Final results will vary amongst patients.

After treatment, the affected area might appear red, swollen or sore. This should subside within a few days. Your aesthetic practitioner at the Cambridge clinic can advise you about aftercare. This may include avoiding alcohol, coffee and sun exposure after the procedure and not wearing makeup directly afterwards as well.


Dermal fillers are generally considered safe when done by a qualified practitioner, furthermore, risks of dermal fillers are usually mitigated by correct application. At the Cambridge clinic, our team is highly experienced so you can be sure you are in the best hands for your treatment.


Dermal fillers are minimally invasive restorative treatments with little side effects, which prove extremely popular amongst users. Dermal fillers generally contain hyaluronic acid which naturally exists in the body. However, our bodies’ production of hyaluronic acid decreases as we age, resulting in visible signs of ageing such as dull skin tone and fine lines. The aesthetic practitioners at the Cambridge clinic can guide you to choose a dermal filler treatment tailored to the needs of your skin. The Cambridge clinic offers various dermal filler treatments including light filling and treatment for the eyes. We have a range of products promoting high purity technology that restores youthful volume. The Light filling treatment contains a combination of dermal fillers and mesotherapy, it redensifies the deep layers of the skin, restoring its ability to reflect light. Resulting in a less dull, more radiant appearance. Our dermal filler used for Eye treatment is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles long term. There is no one kind of patient for dermal filler treatments and it is an option that can be considered by people of different ages. Depending on the treatment chosen, desired results can include promoting skin rejuvenation, restoring volume, diminishing facial lines, and reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Ultimately, leaving patients with more youthful-looking skin and hopefully a renowned confidence.

For more information regarding dermal fillers or to book a consultation, please feel free to contact The London Dermatology Centre (Cambridge) clinic.