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Dr Dan Hamond

Dan Hamond

GMC Number: 7672930

Dr Dan Hamond, BSc(Hons), MBBS, graduated from Barts and the London medical school and has since had many years of experience working in various NHS trusts across numerous medical specialities. Dr Hamond has had a particular interest in aesthetic medicine, with a focus in anti-ageing, grounded in research that he has worked on at the London Dermatology Centre and as an undergraduate.

Dr Hamond has foundations in understanding the cellular processes which make anti-ageing possible through a bachelor’s degree dedicated to the study of cellular biology. In line with a passion for anti-ageing techniques, Dr Hamond has focused greatly on the application of IPL therapy with a rejuvenating focus; though he is also experienced in other treatments such as administration of botox and platelet-rich plasma.

Dr Hamond consistently takes a patient-first and holistic approach to his practice in both his NHS and aesthetic work, making patient health beliefs a priority and working together with them to formulate a management plan. Furthermore, making patients feel comfortable to talk about their ideas and expectations is a primary focus during each consultation. Therefore, it can be safe to say that each patient is treated as an individual and as such every treatment plan is as unique as the patient he is treating.