Gerri Facey

Gerri Facey

Take Cover Skin System, founded by Gerri Facey offer a skin coverage service, that can effectively camouflage unwanted blemishes and scarring skin conditions such as vitiligo, melasma, acne scarring, thread veins and uneven pigmentation to the face and body. This is achieved with combining fingertip and airbrush application techniques.

Having lived with a skin condition since the age of three, Gerri's personal understanding of the psychological and emotional impact it can have on your confidence and approach to life, helps her to achieve the desired effect for coverage on each individual client she works on.

Trained in the US and also in the UK for para-medical techniques with the British Association of Skin Camouflage, Gerri provides skin coverage solutions, that can work effectively on the whole body for a skin cover up that goes beyond.

Skin Coverage For Body

For body coverage with airbrush application you can obtain a long lasting waterproof durability, without the inconvenience of transference, that can be worn for up to 2-4 days, whilst being able to shower.

Skin Coverage For Face

For face coverage, the best results are achieved with airbrush application to help maintain effectiveness throughout the day, however this can be applied using a sponge or your finger tips. Take Cover Skin System strategically focuses within the medical industry and the bridal market. The processes used are for all skin tones, and has been known to help improve her clients confidence, self esteem, whether visible or hidden behind clothing.

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