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HIV Service Clinic London

Personal Health can offer a modern and discreet HIV service.

As well as being able to offer accurate blood testing for the presence of HIV, our team can provide high standard care for those with established (known) HIV infection.

What if I am already HIV positive?

You are welcome to seek monitoring, care and medication if you have been diagnosed HIV positive elsewhere. In this situation we will gather all relevant information from you and your other physicians, but only with your consent of course, and in strict confidence; this will allow your care to continue effectively and safely.

Such important details would include your current level of immune function (CD4 count), viral load (concentration of the virus in your blood), medications and any past illnesses.

How often should I be seen?

Depending on your circumstances you may be offered consultation and monitoring at, say, 6 monthly intervals if you are in good health and coping well with your medication. As you may be aware, HIV combination therapy (often called HAART) can come with significant side effects. However, many patients need more frequent consultations, and this can be accommodated.

Dr Melville is highly qualified to treat and prescribe for all aspects of HIV outpatient care, and has been managing patients with HIV in the UK and Australia since 1981. If need be, you can be referred to other related specialists should you have particular needs or concerns regarding skin, gynaecology, kidney or liver problems, for example.

How do I obtain HIV medications?

Private prescribing of HIV medications licensed in the UK can be arranged, provided that you can provide us with access to recent results of tests, such as viral load (which may have been performed elsewhere).

Should you fall ill and need hospitalisation, our team has access to other HIV physicians who can care for you privately as an inpatient (that is, in a hospital bed), if you so wish. Otherwise the UK National Health Service would be able to offer you high standard care. Any charges arising from this, however, would involve discussion between that hospital and yourself.

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