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Sexual Health Clinic

Sexual Health Clinic

Here at the London Dermatology Centre we offer a full range of sexual health services giving confidential and up to date advice and information on all aspects of sexual health. We provide testing, management and treatment of sexual infections and difficulties. Our sexual health clinic is led by Dr Rex Melville, an experienced genito-urinary physician. Read more about Dr Melville here. As an experienced Genito-Urinary Physician, Dr Melville has an expansive knowledge of treating sexual infections and difficulties.

What are Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)?

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are infections that can be passed on from one person to another during close sexual contact through oral, vaginal or anal sex. These infections can also be spread by sharing sex toys. Common STIs include chlamydia, gonorrhoea, genital warts and genital herpes.

Symptoms that can be caused by an STI include pain on urination (peeing), new lumps, bumps or rashes around the skin of the genitals or anus, unusual vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain as well as any blisters or sores in these areas. STIs can sometimes have no symptoms and so if you if you have had unprotected sex it is important that you are tested for sexually transmitted infections.

Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections

During your initial consultation with our sexual health team you will feel welcomed and put at ease, so that you can discuss any difficulties or problems in complete confidence. Our sexual health team will discuss with you any difficulties or symptoms you may be experiencing. You will also be asked to speak openly about your sexual partners. Questions we will ask you include: when you last had sex, whether you've had unprotected sex, any symptoms you are experiencing and why you think you might have an infection. These questions will help us determine which tests you may need.

For each test required your sexual health practitioner will discuss with you what it involves and why they believe the test is necessary. You will have the opportunity to ask about anything you are unsure of or to request further information.

Simple tests commonly performed in our clinic include urine (pee) tests for infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea. These can also be tested for by swabs. There are also blood tests which are used to detect infections such as HIV and syphilis. Could replace with “Tests for Herpes can be discussed with the doctor”.

You will notice a range of tests that are available here on our website. Charges for these tests are in addition to your consultation and any treatments by the medical consultant. There are also additional costs for prescriptions and a small fee for taking blood samples. A member of our team will be happy to clarify any costs for you before payment is made, so that that there are no hidden costs.

Visiting our Sexual Health Clinic

You can make a confidential and discreet appointment to see one of our sexual health team at a time that’s convenient for you. We have a range of appointment times available including evenings. The team at the London Dermatology Centre are completely professional so there is no need to feel embarrassed.

Many patients book an appointment to see us when they notice symptoms such as pain, discharge or lesions around the genitals. Whether you have symptoms or not, if you have had unprotected sex it is important that you are tested for STIs. Some sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia can have no symptoms. Therefore you could be infected and not even know it. The sooner treatment is started the better. Sexually transmitted infections can be passed from one person to another through sexual contact, including vaginal, anal and oral sex.

Your sexual health doctor may need to examine you. We offer a discreet but thorough intimate examination if needed, and with a chaperone if requested. An examination is very helpful if you have concerns about any rashes, lumps or sores (such as herpes) that are bothering you. Other difficulties in your sexual life—such as problems getting erections—can also be discussed in complete confidence, and managed with the most up-to-date treatments.

HIV Services

As part of our sexual health services here at the London Dermatology Centre, we offer a fully personalised and discreet HIV service. From initial testing to treatment we can provide monitoring and medication to support patients. In our modern clinic our sexual health team will be with you every step of the way to ensure you have everything you need to manage your condition.

We also welcome patients who ha performve already been diagnosed as HIV positive. Our sexual health team is able to provide monitoring, care and medication if you have been diagnosed HIV positive elsewhere. For all patients who have been diagnosed with HIV we will gather all relevant information from yourself and your current doctors, with your consent, and in strict confidence.

Read more about our HIV service here.

Making an Appointment

Making an appointment with us is easy. To book your initial consultation at our sexual health clinic please contact us by phone, email or through our website. In your first consultation your doctor will perform a thorough sexual health assessment. This will also include going through your medical history, any previous diagnosis or treatment and any concerns you may have.

For more information regarding our Sexual Health Clinic please contact us on 020 7467 3720.

Content by Dr Rex Melville and Rebecca Perris

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