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ThermiVa Treatment

The London Dermatology Centre is pleased to offer the revolutionary non invasive ThermiVa treatment for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation with Mr David Griffiths.

Mr Griffiths is a senior gynaecologist and has over twenty years of consultant experience. He was trained in the UK and at Harvard University, Boston, USA. He specialises in pelvic floor problems and the menopause. He is passionate about helping women improve their sexual confidence and well being.

The treatment consists of three 30 minute sessions at monthly intervals. No anaesthesia is required but we do use some warm gel similar to having an ultrasound scan. Following the treatment you can return to normal social and physical activities without discomfort or downtime.

For three days prior to the procedure we do ask you to refrain from intercourse and that you are not menstruating.

The procedure utilises a radiofrequency wand with 'Smart Tip' technology which is no larger than a middle finger. The tissues are warmed to 41-47 degrees which stimulates the skins collagen to tighten. The effects can be seen immediately at the end of the procedure.

The cost of the treatment is £4000 for the 3 sessions which is payable prior to the first session. Some patients experience a marked improvement in their symptoms after just one session and choose to 'bank' their second and third sessions.

You may if you wish pay (£1500) and have one session initially to see the beneficial effects without commitment to the second and third treatments but the maximum benefit is seen after the third session.

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