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Paediatric Dermatology

At The London Dermatology CentreTM, we offer a comprehensive range of specialist skin care services for babies and children, including diagnosis and management of all dermatological conditions and skin diseases.

Conditions we treat include:

  • Acne;
  • Moles;
  • Birthmarks;
  • Pigmentation disorders;
  • Contact dermatitis and atopic eczema;
  • Warts;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Hair/nail abnormalities;
  • Viral infections of the skin; and
  • Tumours.

Consultation and Diagnosis

We are dedicated to providing children who are experiencing discomfort pain or embarrassment from a dermatological condition with a fast diagnosis and appropriate management options.

Usually, a consultation with one of our specialists is all that is needed to diagnose a condition; however, if more indepth analysis is required, we conduct a variety of examinations, including:

  • Blood tests;
  • Urine analysis;
  • Skin biopsy;
  • Patch testing for allergies;
  • Nail analysis and skin swabs;
  • Hair sample examination;
  • Dermoscopy; and
  • Xrays.

Our paediatric dermatologists can assess children who have not responded to treatment provided by their GP surgery or another clinic, with a view to furthering analysis and trying new, approved therapies and medication.

Our Approach to Treatment

We offer a broad range of treatment options to our paediatric patients, enabling us to find a solution that best fits an individual’s condition, lifestyle and desired outcome. In our consultation with a patient we will discuss the diverse treatment options available and come to a decision on the most appropriate choice for the patient’s unique case. Parents or guardians are advised to accompany the patient during consultation so that they are informed and can aid in making a treatment decision.

We may prescribe therapies, topical creams or lotions, dressings, medicines, or a combination of these. Our nurses and dermatologists demonstrate to patients and parents how they should apply treatment at home and can advise on a general skin care regime to adopt. Our doctors can also offer advice on preventing recurring skin conditions and avoiding the spreading of warts and infections.

Among the modern technologies and treatments we offer to our paediatric patients are laser and IPL therapy, artificial UVA and narrow band UVB therapy, cryotherapy, hyfrecater electrosurgery, iontophoresis, and immune system stimulation, among many others.

A Comprehensive Service

Our team provides a complete service that responds to any dermalogical complaint from aesthetic skincare to the treatment of diseases and infections. Our centre includes physicians with expertise in all areas of skin care, right from assessment to effective treatment.

Holistic Care

At the London Dermatology Centre, we recognise that dermatological conditions in children can result in considerable distress for individuals as well as their family. A main objective of our clinic is to help paediatric patients with warts, birthmarks, eczema, scars and so on to gain more confidence and deal with their skin condition in a positive way. There can be emotional aspects to any condition, and our doctors and nurses help families to understand a condition and support their loved ones. Through aesthetic and medical therapies as well as holistic care, we strive to improve the overall wellbeing of our paediatric patients.

Our Paediatric Care Team

All our doctors are registered with the General Medical Council and have a reputation for providing a high level of care. They work together with well-trained and highly experienced nursing staff to monitor and care for our paediatric patients on an ongoing basis.

When visiting our clinic, children can have their skin conditions evaluated and treated by our specialists all in one day. This enables us to prescribe a treatment plan promptly so that patients’ discomfort and distress can be reduced quickly.

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Please contact our London clinic on +44 (020)7 467 3720 to book a consultation and assessment for your child with a leading dermatologist.

Alternatively, you can send an email to and our management team will respond to you promptly.

We are always on hand to receive your questions or queries and anticipate helping your child with his/her dermatological condition and wellbeing.

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