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LDC Price Guide

Initial Consultation £280
Follow Up Consultation £220
Repeat Prescriptions £25
Aesthetic Consultation (Doctor) £250
Aesthetic Consultation (Nurse) £60
Weight Loss Consultation £250
Weight Loss Follow up Consultation £195
Cryotherapy - up to 3 lesions £215
Cryotherapy - more than 3 lesions £280
Excision of Lesion £440
Punch Biopsy £360
Shave Biopsy £360
Scalp Biopsy £470
Curettage and Cautery £360
Clear & Brilliant From £325
UVB £50


Botox (Azzulare/Bocouture/Botox)

Anti-wrinkle treatments
1 area £329
2 areas £428
3 areas £527
Treatment for Excess Sweating (Hyperhydrosis)
Both Underarms £550
Palms £550
Treatment for Migraines £360
Treatment for jaw reshaping and jaw clenching £250
Dermal Fillers (Juvederm/Teosyal)
1 syringe £389
2nd syringe £269
3rd syringe £209
One session £140
Dermal Roller
One session £385 (acne scarring)
  £460 (rejuvenation)


IPL (Hair Removal)
Treatment Area Single Treatment 3 treatments (Save 10%) 6 treatments (Save 20%)
Eyebrows £50 £135 £240
Cheekbones/sideburns £80 £216 £384
Chin £70 £189 £336
Upper lip £70 £189 £336
Lip and chin £96 £259 £461
Jawline, lip and chin £135 £365 £648
Lower face (incl. full neck) £145 £391 £696
Full face £150 £405 £720
Underarms £120 £324 £576
Half arm £110 £297 £528
Full arms £170 £459 £816
Half legs £150 £405 £720
Full legs £250 £675 £1200
Chest £150 £405 £720
Half back/Lower back £230 £621 £1104
Full back £250 £675 £1200
Bikini line £140 £378 £672
Buttocks £150 £405 £720


IPL (Rosacea) £360
Dermamelan £1,210
Mole Mapping £255
Visia analysis £60
Fraxel £825

NB: There may be additional costs for procedures incurred by room charges and histology fees. Initial consultations are required for all new patients and treatment costs are added to that charge.

Please call for further information about pricing and appointments.

Medical Insurance Information:

The London Dermatology CentreTM is open to everyone, whether you are insured or not. To enable us to process Clinic fees correctly, patients should complete the registration form


Settlement of The clinic's account is always the patient's responsibility. You may have chosen to take out Health Insurance, but in the event of non-payment or a shortfall, settlement will be required from yourself.

Patients who intend to use their Medical Insurance should:

Confirming cover with your insurer

You are responsible for the costs of your treatment so it is important you understand the cover your insurer will provide. The best way to ensure your insurance company will cover your treatment costs is to contact them prior to the date of your appointment to inform them of your treatment details. If your insurance company confirm cover you should obtain an authorisation code from them. Please advise the receptionist of this authorization code when you attend The clinic.

Claim Forms/Pre-authorisation

Claims processes differ from insurer to insurer and your insurer will guide you through the process. If your cover is provided by your employer you will follow the claims process specific to your scheme. You might have to obtain a claim form if required by your insurer. Please advise the receptionist if you have a claim form.

Billing and Payment

The clinic has agreements with most insurance companies enabling patient accounts to be settled directly with The clinic. Invoices are sent to your insurer for direct payment; no copy will be sent to you. The clinic is not obliged to process invoices from other hospitals.

Your insurance company will usually notify you in writing that your claim is being settled. They will also inform you of any shortfalls you may have incurred and explain the reasons for them. It is advisable in these events to contact our accounts department for advice. Any excess payments should be made directly to The clinic.

If there is an excess in the policy, this will be advised to the patient after The clinic has been paid by insurers and the patient is then responsible for repayment of any such excess.

We will ask you for your credit card details when you register. This is to cover any charges your insurer is not liable to pay. Your details will be kept securely for up to 6 months and we will notify you in advance if it is necessary to use them.

Items Not Covered

Treatments / Consultations not covered by the Health Insurance Policies and payment for these should be made at the Reception Desk on the day of your appointment. Medications and other related products are not usually covered by Health Insurance Policies.

Non-UK Insurance Policies

Non-UK Insurance is only accepted by prior arrangement between The clinic and the insurance company. The acceptance must be in writing and includes settling the account directly with the hospital

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