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Thermage Clinic in London

Thermage Clinic in London

The London Dermatology Centre offers a revolutionary skin tightening treatment- Thermage. Thermage is a non-invasive (non-surgical) facelift, considered the global pioneer in skin tightening treatments. It is the only treatment which provides instantaneous face lifting results without surgery or injections. Thermage can help to smooth, tighten and contour the skin. Most patients report remarkable results. Thermage could be the key to your anti-ageing program.

What happens to collagen as we age?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, responsible for the skin's elasticity. Over time skin loses its volume as the amount of collagen diminishes. Thinnings of the areas such as cheeks, lips and around the mouth occur due to ageing, partly due to the loss of subcutaneous (under the skin) fat. Therefore, facial muscles work closer to the skin surface so facial lines appear more defined and noticeable. This is a perfectly normal part of the ageing process, but these lines and wrinkles can be unwelcome and cause a lack of confidence in individuals.

How does Thermage work?

Thermage works by stimulating the body's natural renewal of collagen, creating youthful-looking results. Thermage heats the deep and collagen dense layers of the skin through radio frequency technology. The heat that is applied separates water molecules from collagen in the skin, this causes an immediate contraction that results in skin tightening. Additionally, the heat changes the already present collagen and increases the production of new collagen, which cumulatively improves the texture of the skin. New collagen growth from treatment tightens the skin over time. This secondary healing response which remodels collagen can lead to long-lasting results of up to 2 years. The radiofrequency waves that heat the skin treat the outer skin and then extend to the inner layers. Treatment involves a radiofrequency wand which treats specific areas.

What parts of the body can Thermage treat?

Thermage is an effective skin tightening treatment for

  • The face
  • The Neck
  • Décolletage (women’s low neckline)
  • The body

Thermage can treat multiple areas including the face, eyes, and the body. Thermage is an ideal treatment for the face because it can improve the appearance of loose jowls (lower cheeks) along with sagging skin. These aesthetic characteristics can cause individuals to look tired. The treatment smooths out wrinkles and remodels collagen to rejuvenate the skin. Eyes are one of the most obvious signs of ageing, particularly hooded eyes (excess skin that folds from the brow.) Thermage is a suitable treatment for the upper and lower eyelids. Resulting in a subtly more energised appearance. Thermage treatment is not limited to the skin of the face and eyes, it is also an optimal treatment for the body, enhancing and contouring the appearance of crepey skin. Crepey skin refers to skin that is thin and appears finely wrinkled. It can also be saggy and feel loose. There is generally no reversible home remedy for crepey skin so it is advised to see a dermatologist who can determine the best treatment, which could be Thermage. Thermage can treat both smaller and larger areas of the body.

Thermage can help reduce the appearance of

  • Sagging skin including under the chin
  • Lack of jawline definition
  • Loose jowls
  • Wrinkles
  • Mouth lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Crepey skin on abdomen, legs and arms

What are the benefits of Thermage?

Thermage is a non-invasive procedure, meaning no cutting and no needles. That is ideal for patients who have a fear of needles or are generally squeamish regarding invasive treatments. Results include skin tightening and contouring and the treatment requires no downtime. Skin improvements are noticeable after a single treatment. The process of collagen stimulation creates gradual natural-looking results, leaving patients with youthful-looking skin. Thermage is suitable for all skin types and can be used on most areas of the skin, be it on the face or body. It is an overall safe and effective treatment for skin tightening.

What happens during the procedure?

The London Dermatology Centre has been treating patients for nearly two decades so you can be assured you are in safe hands for treatment. Since Thermage is a non-surgical treatment your preparation before coming into the clinic is minimal. You will be asked to come to the clinic with a clean face, with no make-up or skin products on. It is also recommended to avoid facial peels and chemical treatment beforehand. Your aesthetic practitioner at the clinic will ensure you thoroughly understand what to expect during the procedure. Your practitioner will perform the treatment with a hand-held device that delivers radiofrequency energy into the dermal tissues of the desired area. The procedure is quick and will last 30 to 90 minutes depending on the area to be treated. This is one of the reasons why the treatment is extremely appealing- the treatment time is short, yet the results are long-lasting. Furthermore, Thermage treatment has been designed with patient comfort in mind therefore integrated cooling is used and the radiofrequency is pulsed. The tip of the Thermage device (a wand) vibrates, facilitating a more comfortable treatment. You will feel a short-lasting heating sensation.

Who is a suitable candidate for Thermage?

Thermage is often described as a non-surgical facelift. Therefore, it is a great treatment option for individuals who are unable to have surgery, or have a preference against invasive treatments because of phobias or personal reservations. The treatment is suitable for men and women. Ideally, the candidate has mild to moderate skin laxity which does not require an intense face lift which would only be feasible through surgery. Thermage can be used on most areas of the face and body so it is ideal for patients who want to be able to expand their treatment options- be it softening fine lines around the eyes, or tightening skin on the thighs that simply will not budge no matter how much exercise you do. In order to determine if this is the optimal treatment for your individual skin needs, you should consult a dermatologist at our clinic who can help you decide if you are a suitable candidate for Thermage therapy.

How long do results last?

After one treatment, results can last for up to 16 months, with gradual results peaking between 3-6 months. Your aesthetic physician at the clinic may recommend Thermage as part of a yearly skin rejuvenation maintenance program. Results will also vary depending on the treatment area.

What happens after the procedure?

Downtime for the Thermage procedure is minimal, lasting an absolute maximum of 48 hours if required. The majority of patients resume their day to day activities immediately after treatment. Side effects are rare, some patients temporarily experience redness or minimal swelling after the treatment, however, this usually subsides within 24 hours. A further benefit of Thermage is that there is no particularly high maintenance care required following the treatment. Regular skin maintenance is recommended as part of a basic skincare routine including the use of sunscreen.


The London Dermatology Centre offers Thermage, a popular non-invasive facial and body therapy treatment with a track record of outstanding results for skin-tightening. Thermage works in a twofold way, using radiofrequency the skin is heated separating water molecules from collagen resulting in instantaneously skin-tightening effects. Secondly this applied heat increases the production of collagen, resulting in cumulative long lasting results. The radiofrequency treatment in the Thermage system restores collagen production. Unlike other cosmetic treatments Thermage does not only target the face, it can also be used to treat the body. The treatment is suitable for men and women who desire a low maintenance treatment with long-lasting results to target signs of ageing such as hooded eyelids. It can help soften lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead as well as improve jawline and cheek definition. Abdomens, legs and arms are popular treatment areas on the body. It can also be used on the buttocks and thighs. Results are contouring and help with tightening crepey skin that simply cannot tighten through exercise. Furthermore, it is an optimal treatment for reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Following a single treatment at the clinic, measurable results will appear within 2 to 6 months of the treatment. These results can last between 1 to 2 years depending on skin type and condition. Thermage produces remarkable results after a single treatment, unlike many other aesthetic treatments which require multiple visits till results manifest. The practitioners at our clinic are well trained in delivering outstanding Thermage results. Although results are dependent on skin type and condition, all patients are likely to experience immediate skin tightening results. The Thermage system is an optimum treatment for minimising wrinkles and tightening skin to result in a younger appearance.

If you are interested in the Thermage system then please contact a member of our clinic team and we will be more than happy to provide you with more information on the treatment. The cost will depend on the area which is being treated. The clinic will give you a precise cost based on the treatment area of your desired results.

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