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Psoriasis Treatment Clinic in Cambridge

Psoriasis Treatment Clinic in Cambridge

Psoriasis is a chronic condition that causes flaky, crusty, red patches of skin on the affected areas. At the Cambridge Clinic, our expertise and understanding of this complex condition means that you are in very safe hands. Psoriasis varies between people with some experiencing larger areas which are affected and others seeing it in small patches. In whatever way it is affecting you, rest assured that we have experienced Dermatologists who can help get your symptoms under control.

Why visit our clinic for your Psoriasis?

At our Cambridge Clinic, each Dermatologist is highly skilled with an in-depth knowledge of this condition and years of experience treating patients with Psoriasis. We treat many different types of Psoriasis and can offer you an expert diagnosis and treatment plan. Our state-of-the-art facilities also mean we can offer you the most effective treatments including light therapy, medications, injections, and topical creams.

Our personal approach and care for our patients means that you will always be looked after. We want to get you the best result possible and put an end to your suffering.

What treatments do we offer at the Cambridge Clinic?

While there is no cure for Psoriasis, we have many extremely effective treatment options available at our clinic. The aim of treatment is to stop the skin cells from building up so much on the surface of your skin, to significantly reduce flaking, itching and redness.

Your Cambridge Clinic Skin Doctor can prescribe a range of topical creams including retinoids, salicylic acid, specialist moisturisers and corticosteroids. These will help to soothe your skin, minimise itching and reduce symptoms.

We can also perform light therapy either as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other therapy including UVB phototherapy, sunlight, Narrow band UVB therapy, Goeckerman therapy, Photochemotherapy and psoralen plus ultraviolet A. These can deliver excellent results and help you feel more confident about your skin.

If you have more aggressive psoriasis that doesn’t respond to other treatments, your Dermatologist may also prescribe oral medications or injections. However severe your condition is, we are here to ensure that we reduce your symptoms as much as possible, so that you can move forward with your life, feeling confident that your condition won’t hold you back.

What types of Psoriasis do we treat at the Cambridge Clinic?

We treat all types of Psoriasis at our clinic. There are many different types which affect different parts of the body, so it’s important to consult a Dermatologist, and get an official diagnosis. Some of the most common types which we see are:

Plaque psoriasis – This often causes painful and itchy raised skin lesions, coated in silver scales/ flakes of skin. It can appear on any part of the body, including inside the mouth.

Scalp psoriasis - This is more severe and long term than dandruff. It can be itchy and often involves large flakes of skin. It can also affect the area below and around the hairline.

Guttate psoriasis – This causes small droplet shaped sores on the chest, stomach, back, legs and scalp. It is normally started by a bacterial infection and flares up in repeated episodes.

Nail psoriasis – This is when pitting and discolouration occur on your fingernails and toenails, often causing abnormal growth and separation from the nail bed.

Inverse psoriasis – This normally occurs under the breasts, around the genitals and under the armpits. It appears in the form of red, inflamed skin, which is irritated by friction and sweat.

Pustular psoriasis – This is a rarer type but occurs as pus-filled blisters often found on your hands, fingers and feet.

Erythrodermic psoriasis – This less common type is when your entire body is covered with a very itchy, sore red rash.

Psoriatic arthritis – This does not just cause scaly, irritated skin but also painful and swollen joints. This can be serious if left untreated and care from a professional Dermatologist is vital.

Whatever type you have or if you are not sure, we can help. You can discuss your symptoms during your initial consultation and your Dermatologist will examine the affected areas, so that they can make a thorough diagnosis.

How can we help you find the cause of your Psoriasis?

The exact cause of Psoriasis is not certain, but your Dermatologist at the Cambridge Clinic can explain to you exactly how your condition works, as well as helping you figure out any triggers.

They can explain why your skin is reacting in the way it is, to help you find a treatment and care plan that will reduce your symptoms as much as possible. Psoriasis occurs when your immune system attacks healthy skin cells by mistake, which causes a build up of skin cells on the surface.

Research has found that Psoriasis can be genetic but also may be triggered by other factors. Infections, stress, heavy alcohol consumption and some medications can worsen symptoms in some cases.

Unfortunately, Psoriasis is a chronic condition, but that doesn’t mean your suffering has to be chronic as well! We always aim to reduce your symptoms or even alleviate them completely in some cases, using our years of experience and highly effective treatment plans.

What will happen during my consultation?

During your initial appointment at our Cambridge Clinic, your Dermatologist will examine your affected area and take a full history of any treatments you may have tried in the past and how these worked for you. They will also ask you to explain when you first noticed symptoms and any times in which you have experienced flare-ups.

We will be able to offer you a diagnosis and prescribe a course of treatments that will get your symptoms under control. We understand how emotionally distressing this condition can be. Our Dermatologists are all extremely understanding and supportive in their approach. They will answer any questions you may have and explain exactly how each treatment will work. They may give you several options and advise you, using their professional opinion.

They can prescribe topical creams, medications or may suggest a course of light therapy. They will explain each treatment option in detail, so that you know exactly what to expect. Their in-depth knowledge of this condition means they will only give you experience led, professional advice, which is tailored to your individual circumstances and condition.

Can you cure my Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic condition, but that does not mean you need to battle symptoms forever. We always aim to get you the best possible result by significantly reducing or even alleviating symptoms completely with the right treatment and care plan.

Our experienced team of highly skilled Dermatologists will assess the type of Psoriasis you have, offer their expert advice on how to treat it and perform treatments such as light therapy, to dramatically reduce your symptoms.

We understand that our patients often want a cure for this condition, and although there is not an exact cure for this, what we can do is cure your suffering and put an end to the stressful cycle of flare ups.

If you have any questions about how we treat Psoriasis or about your own personal circumstances, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team and we will get back to you with more information.