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The London Dermatology Centre opened in 2005 and is founded by Dr Sunil Chopra. Over the past 10 years the team has strengthened and our happy patients have helped build an excellent reputation. The London Dermatology Centre is dedicated to providing individualised treatment in a professional and caring environment. The clinic is run by leading dermatologists. They bring breadth of expertise and dedication to the maintenance of healthy flawless skin.



The London Dermatology Centre is a private clinic which continually updates and improves treatment protocols. For our patients who are recommended to start treatment, this ensures all technologies available to them are of the latest, highly effective, safest and most suitable for their skin type. We strive to have numerous solutions for each skin problem in order to tailor treatment in a diagnosed, structured fashion specifically suitable to you.


All accredited specialists who work at The London Dermatology Centre are registered with the General Medical Council or with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. These specialists help to run various different clinics within the private centre. Once you have had a consultation with one of our specialists they will proceed to diagnose and plan your care. This may be simply homecare instructions, blood tests, sample testing, allergy testing, prescribed medication, treatment plans or a combination of all.


The London Dermatology Centre is registered with the Care Quality Commission. Please find listed below all of the private clinics we are currently running. If you have a question we have not covered, please feel free to contact us on 0207 467 3720.


Acne and Pigmentation Workshop


Skin Cover Up Clinic


General Dermatology

Dermatologists in London

The London Dermatology Centre is proud to work with some of the UK’s leading dermatologists. Our consultants are committed to providing each patient with the specialised care that their condition requires, and all are fully accredited with the General Medical Council...


General Dermatology

Dermatologists in London

Here at The London Dermatology Centre we offer a range of Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures to help you rejuvenate and refresh your appearance. We specialise in all aspects of Non-Surgical Aesthetics including Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers and...


General Dermatology

Dermatologists in London

The London Dermatology Centre is committed to sharing its expertise with the rest of the Medical Community. Our series of lectures is primarily aimed at GPs interested in dermatology. All interested...



How do I make a booking?

The London Dermatology Centre has recently set up an online booking system, making booking an appointment easier than ever. Just click on the top right hand tab and select a time and date which suits you. Or you can call us directly on 0207 467 3720.

Do you accept Health Insurance?

Many of our patients are seen and treated using their personal health insurance. If you are unsure if you are covered we recommend you call your insurer directly to find out. If you need our assistance in any way our team is happy to advise you or speak with your insurer directly if this is necessary. We can also provide any paperwork you may need to set this up.

Can my GP refer me here?

Yes your GP can refer you directly here, which may even reduce waiting times for you to see a dermatology consultant. Once you are registered with us we will keep your GP surgery up to date with your progess by sending a letter to them after each visit you have with us.

Will you provide any personal mediation should I need them?

The London Dermatology Centre houses its own pharmacy. Should you require any oral or topical medications we can supply these to you immediately. This is also useful when talking you through how to use them. It also means you can start your treatment before you leave this clinic.

Are evening and weekend appointments available?

Some of the doctors and nurses work in the evenings and on Saturdays. If this is a time that would suit you better please call our reception team who will be able to assist you further. Unfortunately we are closed on Sundays but do check as this may change occasionally.

What is your cancellation policy?

The London Dermatology Centre is run by leading dermatologists and specialists. Their time is valuable so we do ask to please provide us with at least 24 hours notice if you would like to cancel your appointment. There is a fine of 80 if you do not turn up to your appointment or do not provide us with enough notice.

Do you have wheelchair access?

The London Dermatology Centre has parking spaces available outside its doors on the main road of Wimpole Street. We have a portable wheelchair ramp which can be set up in advance of your arrival. Please let our team know should you require wheelchair access for your appointment so we can arrange this for you.

Can I choose which dermatologist to see?

You may book a consultation with any doctor or nurse if you have a particular preference. However if this is your first visit we will recommend when booking your appointment which doctor best suits your needs as many of our dermatology consultants will specialise in specific skin conditions. So they will be the best doctor to have a consultation with. We also have female doctors and male doctors should your condition be of a sensitive nature.


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