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Why choose The London Dermatology Centre?

At The London Dermatology Centre we know how important it is to you to know that you are choosing the right place to treat your skin condition; whether it is acne, psoriasis, skin cancer concern, scarring, pigmentation or just to be come in to discuss how to rejuvenate your skin – these are just a few of the many skin conditions our Dermatologists see and treat everyday.

Dermatologists – Specialist Interests

Our Dermatologists each all have their special interests; from hair loss, melanoma, vitiligo, folliculitis, keloid scarring, pigmentation, ethnic skin, HIV-associated skin diseases and male genital skin orders and paediatric specialists.

Our friendly staff at The London Dermatology Centre will be able to assist you when making an appointment which Dermatologist would be best to consult with for your condition.

Aesthetic Team

At The London Dermatology Centre we also have our Aesthetic Team who are here to offer you skin care regime advice, cosmetic treatments such as Botox, Fillers, anti aging procedures, laser hair removal and one of our latest edition machine for non-surgical ultrasound liposuction; Liposonix.

Whether it is a medical condition or a cosmetic consultation you are looking to see a specialist about, our team of experts are here to meet your needs.

Treatment on the Same Day

During your consultation with our Dermatologist, a treatment plan will be discussed with you for your condition and medications prescribed during your appointment; medications can be dispensed in our in-house pharmacy to start your treatment straight away.

If a mole/lesion is of concern a biopsy can be performed on the same day and results are obtained in 3 days.

Tests and Monitoring Services

At The London Dermatology Centre we have the latest testing methods; whether for allergies, skin cancer or monitoring of your moles we have the latest equipment to perform these tests.

  • Patch testing – At The London Dermatology Centre we offer patch testing which can help to diagnose your skin condition. Many different chemicals which occur in everyday products may be responsible for your eczema, and patch testing can often help to identify the exact cause.
  • Biopsy and blood tests – At the centre, we work closely with laboratories with the latest technologies to send for testing of your specimen and laboratory few doors down from our clinic to go to for blood tests. Blood tests results are obtained 1-2 days.
  • Mole mapping – At The London Dermatology Centre we know how important it is to keep an eye of your moles. We offer a mole mapping service as a monitoring purpose to see if there are any changes to your moles. Patients are advised to come back every 6 months to one year to have this re-done.

Sexual Health Service

Dr Rex Melville, Genito-Urinary Physician has partnered with The London Dermatology Centre and consults in our rooms on Monday and Thursday evenings. He treats sexual infections and difficulties, tests are carried out during consultations and results are obtained 1-2 days.


The London Dermatology Centre is situated on Wimpole Street, next to world-renowned Harley Street where the heart of medical excellence is in Central London. We are easily accessible from all around the UK and for overseas patients.

We all at The London Dermatology Centre look forward to welcoming you to our clinic to treat and look after your skin needs.

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