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Hair Loss Treatment Clinic Cambridge

Hair Loss Treatment Clinic Cambridge

Hair loss (also referred to as Alopecia) comes in many different forms and can range from a small bald patch on the head to complete hair loss over the whole body. Hair loss, particularly in men, is very common with age and normally begins when they reach their late twenties. We understand that hair loss can be distressing for many of our patients, particularly if it is premature or extreme. We have one of the only Dermatologists who specialises in all types of hair loss, working for us at the Cambridge Clinic. This means we can provide expert care and attention for our patients.

What types of hair loss do we treat?

We treat all types of hair loss anywhere on the body as well as scalp conditions and have many years of experience in this area. We can both diagnose and provide treatment for these. Some of the most common conditions we treat are:

Male and female pattern baldness (also called Androgenetic alopecia) – This is the most common type of hair loss that we treat. It affects half of men over the age of 50 and around half of women over 65. Most men start to see their hairline receding at the front/ sides in their late twenties and thirties. Although it is very normal, we understand that many men feel self-conscious about this. Female pattern baldness is less common and usually occurs later in life but can be equally as distressing. We have many effective treatments for reducing hair loss and increasing hair growth.

Alopecia areata (bald patches) – This causes small bald patches, normally on the scalp, but they can occur anywhere on the body. This can begin at any age but normally happens in teenagers and young adults and is caused when your immune system mistakenly attacks your hair follicles.

If you are experiencing any other kind of hair loss or are not sure what your symptoms might be, we can also help, so please do make an appointment with a Dermatologist at the Cambridge Clinic.

What treatments do we offer at the Cambridge Clinic?

The reasons for hair loss vary greatly, so it’s vital that you get an accurate diagnosis, as this will greatly increase your chances of successful treatment. We offer several medications and lotions which can help slow down hair loss and encourage hair growth. These treatments are not available through the NHS but can be prescribed by your Skin Doctor at the Cambridge Clinic. Here are the main treatments we offer:

Finasteride – This is a medication that is normally used to treat Androgenetic alopecia in men. It works by reducing the amount of the hormone DHT which causes hair follicles to shrink. Taking this medication increases the follicles to their normal size, meaning the hair becomes thicker, longer, and darker.

Minoxidil – This is another medication, which can be used to treat hair loss for both men and women. It comes in the form of a lotion/ foam which is rubbed into the scalp each day. This encourages hair growth and prevents further hair loss. It works by increasing the amount of blood which reaches the hair follicles, giving them more nutrients and making them larger. Although this is available over the counter (in products such as Rogaine), it is normally in a small dosage of 2%, whereas we can prescribe it at a much higher strength at 5%, which is more effective.

Injections – We can also offer injections of triamcinolone acetonide or corticosteroid, which can be very effective for speeding up hair growth and can be a beneficial solution in the short term, as it can cause side effects if used long-term. This is a treatment normally used for Alopecia areata, which causes patchy hair loss.

Do we treat any other scalp conditions?

As well as treating hair loss, we can also help with any other scalp related condition or hair disorder such as cradle cap, which is when yellow, scaly, greasy patches appear on the scalps of babies. We can treat Folliculitis, which is infection or inflammation in the hair follicles. We can also treat Hirsutism, which involves excessive hair growth and normally affects women. We can also provide treatment for Seborrheic dermatitis., which is when skin on the scalp becomes scaly and dry (a severe form of dandruff).

Whatever your concern might be, your Dermatologist at the Cambridge Clinic can diagnose and assess your scalp condition and help find you the best treatment.

Why visit the Cambridge Clinic for your hair loss?

We are lucky enough to have one of the UK’s only Dermatologists who specialises in all types of hair loss. This means that we are one of the best clinics you can visit for this issue. We have many years’ experience in treating all different kinds of hair disorders and scalp conditions. Our plethora of knowledge, combined with our state-of-the-art facilities and treatment options means we can offer a unique experience.

We can give you an accurate diagnosis to figure out what is causing your hair loss, so that we can provide a successful treatment plan.

What will happen during my consultation?

When you make an initial appointment at our Cambridge Clinic, your Dermatologist will first examine your scalp and any other affected areas. They will also ask you when you first started noticing symptoms and any changes or developments that you’ve seen.

They will discuss your goals for treatment and will advise you of the best plan of action for getting your desired results.

They may prescribe medication for you to start taking or a specialist lotion to apply. They will direct you on how to use it and explain how it will work/ the speed at which you are likely to see results. You will be able to ask any questions and your Dermatologist will be happy to answer them. Our aim is to help you feel confident and happy in the way your hair/ scalp looks and feels.

Can we make all your hair grow back?

We have many treatments available that can be very successful at making bald patches grow back and helping you regain hair that has previously been lost. The way in which we do this and the result achieved will depend on the cause of the hair loss and the location on the body.

This will also depend on any related scalp condition that we may need to treat, but our aim is to get your hair looking the way you want it to.

We understand how stressful hair loss can be for our patients and we want to get you the best possible result. In some cases, it may not be possible to grow back all the hair which has been lost, but we are able to greatly increase the amount, thickness, and quality of the hair. We have a track record of achieving excellent outcomes for our patients and hope to do the same with everyone we see at the Cambridge Clinic.

If you have any other questions about how we treat scalp conditions and hair loss at our clinic, please do get in touch with our team who would be delighted to give you more information or answer any questions that you might have.